The Portuguese soprano Sara Moreira Marques and the German saxophonist Sarah Wünsche met in 2014 at the contemporary music scene in Rotterdam. They performed several premières at The Basement Concert, an underground experience of and with young musicians and composers. Since then, they have been experimenting with the unexpected combination of voice and saxophone, working with composers to create new pieces for this ensemble and performing in The Netherlands and abroad. They recently premiered Georgia Nicolaou’s S o c i a l I C E, one of the winning pieces of the Tera de Marez Oyens composition prize, at the 2016 edition of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek festival in Utrecht. After a successful concert tour in the North of Portugal, SaraS are currently planning a new series of concerts in The Netherlands, Portugal and Germany.


Georgi Sztojanov (n. 1985) – 5'30''

Nunc dimittis from Even Song (2010)


Paul Ben-Haim (1897/1984) (arr. Sarah Wünsche) – 3'

Ballade from Three songs without words (1952)


Anonymous,compiled by Christophe Ballard (1641-1715) – 10'

Brunettes (17th century) 

- L’autre jour une Bergère

- J’ai perdu ma liberté 

- J’ai passé deux jours sans vous voir

- J’aime Tircis
- Tircis et Cloris s'absentent


Thomas Morley (1557/1602) – 1'40
Sweet nymph, come to thy lover from Canzonets to Two Voices (1595)

John Dowland (1563/1626) – 3'20''

Flow my tears from Lachrimae pavane (1596) 


Henry Purcell (1659/1695) – 2'

If music be the food of love (1692)


Lori Laitman (n. 1955) – 15'

I never saw another butterfly (1998)
(Texts by children from the Holocaust)

- The Butterfly

- Yes, that’s the way things are

- Birdsong

- The Garden

- Man proposes, God disposes

- The Old House


Georgia Nicolaou (n. 1990) – 7’

S o c i a l I C E (2016)

Thomas Kessler (n. 1937) – 8'
Is it? (2002)
(text by John Cage)


Astor Piazolla (1921-1992) (arr. Sarah Wünsche) – 3'30''

Yo soy Maria from Maria de Buenos Aires (1968)

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